The interior design of an apartment is as important and maybe more important than the exterior design. Indeed, this is the space that you will be occupying during your stay. More often than not apartments are left bland, boring and have a bad interior design. This article will look at some interior design tips, techniques and methods in order to add degree sophistication to your apartment.

To begin with, most flats seem to come standard with blinds. Blinds, blinds, and more blinds can be boring and create a less than desirable feel for your apartment. This depends, however, where the blinds are – blinds in the kitchen and the bathroom can create a degree of sophistication. However, fabric curtains can go a long way to adding a degree of sophistication to your apartment. In short dress up your windows.

Secondly, paint can go a long way into transforming an apartment’s look and feel. Warm colors create a homely look and feel. White walls are sometimes too dull on their own so try to add color where you can. This might be out of the question; however, painting furniture instead can add a degree of creativity to your apartment.

There has been a modern trend towards open space apartments, and maximizing your space with as little clutter as possible can add to the illusion of size and space in your small apartment.

Furthermore, this being said art and antique furniture can go a long way in transforming a normal apartment into a sophisticated looking and feeling one. Bear in mind your furniture should match the shades of color you have chosen for your walls and curtains.

Floors in apartments are normally covered with unattractive carpets. The floor of an apartment can either ruin the look and feel of the apartment or make it. Covering your floor with an attractive mat or mats can be an easy and less expensive means to solve this problem. Hide the problem with an extra-large floor rug.

The bathroom is an important part of the apartment and if it is ugly than your whole apartment loses its feel of sophistication. Choose blues and greens to paint the bathroom, give it a well-deserved makeover. Choose sinks and toilets that propose a modern or rustic feel depending on the rest of your apartment.

And lastly, the interior design of your apartment should suit the area you are in – apartments for rent Portland OR for example have their own varying individual feel – try and match them if you don’t want your apartment to stand out in a bad way from other apartments for rent Portland OR for example. In essence, be bold but not to bold as you don’t want to break too many of the area’s interior design conventions especially the good ones.

So to conclude, an apartment can be bland and boring unless you focus your time and energy on its interior design. Covering up floors with large rugs, painting furniture and choosing stylish curtains are just some tips to add a sense of sophistication to your apartment

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